Best Natural Beard and Mustache Conditioner and Grooming Softener for Men​ made from Vitamin E oil, Aloe Vera Oil, Chamomile Oil, Jojoba Oil...

The Shaving Co. Beard Oil

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  • The Shaving Co. Beard Oil is a 100% natural beard oil that softens, grows and stops itching of your beard. It is made from  Vitamin E oil, Almond Oil, Chamomile Oil and Jojoba oil. Basically, it has everything The Shaving Co. Beard Oil has. Getting this would be nice for veriety. 

    This special lend of of these ingredients add shine as they help to prevent dry and itchy beard.

    The Shaving Co. Beard Oil helps to sooth, moisturize and invigorate your skin and facial hairs as it delivers the nutrients your skin and beards needs to flourish and grow properly.

    If you are looking for the product to help you grow your beard then this is it.

    ·         Keeps your beard shining and healthy looking
    ·         Moisturizes beard hair and skin to eliminate itching.
    ·         Softens the beards to make it more comfortable and attractive
    ·         Makes you feel more Manly.

    ·         Use the glass dropper to put some drops in your palm
    ·         Rub your palms together and then massage upwards into your skin and beards and under your chin and cheeks. Massage for about 30 secs to 1min to ensure the oil gets around properly.
    ·         To finish groom your beards down and style as usual.
    ·         Wait for the compliments 


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